• Data Analytics – insurance companies, trucking companies and other targeted clients spend millions to access raw data on their clients. The ability to have actionable real time data in such a way that optimizes performance and minimizes industry risk is a major selling point and invaluable resource for both the insurance and logistic industries

  • Initial focus on the 1.2 million trucking companies via trade shows, traditional sales calls, site visits and the Ambassador Program

  • Direct point of sales through collaboration with mega auto and trucking dealerships

  • Working in conjunction with insurance companies ensuring the Company will successfully reach its intended target market in the quickest time possible

  • Almost 400,000 sales representatives working for the top 25 insurance companies creates a tremendous opportunity to reach our target market quickly

Target Market

  • Over 60 million vehicles on American roads are under what is known as At Will Agreements – one person owns a vehicle and allows another to drive it with certain rules and restrictions

    1. Over 38 million company owned semi trucks and fleets on the roads according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    2. Estimated 19 million teens and young drivers still on their parent’s policy
  • We anticipate the top 10 auto insurance companies which represent more than 70% of the US market will endorse the product

Ambassador Program

PURPOSE: Optimizing the technology while simultaneously launching our marketing campaign


  • At Will has selected 10 trucking companies to be its brand ambassadors for its initial commercial deployment. 100 units per company for a total of 1000 units

  • Get driver feedback and adopt changes with the end goal of expanding the program to reach the remaining target market


  • Collaborating with passenger car and commercial truck dealers to promote the product at point of sale

  • Video kiosks will be installed in at least 3 mega dealerships on the north east to begin

Potential Ambassador Members